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And the checkers go to.......

Steve Robblee - 2009 Lucas Oil Sportsmans Cup Champion

Mitch Brown - 2009 Esso Mini-Stock Champion at Ohsweken

Steve Robblee goes 1-2-3 in awards

1st in Ontario Ashphalt Short Track Power Rankings

2nd in Canadian Stock Car Racer of the Year - Inside Track Readers Choice Awards

3rd in Overall Canadian Racer of the Year

Welcome to another exciting year of racing where we will post the successes of drivers using Leitch Performance  built engines.  Drivers - be sure to let us know your results so that we can include you.

When you purchase or rebuild your engine at Leitch Performance in 2009 and you put a Leitch logo clearly visible on the lower front of your race car's hood or the back end - LPE is continuing to pay out  $100 contingency fee when you win a feature race!

Mother Nature is doing her best for repeat performances again this year as there have been a few rained out weekends already but in the early going young Mitch Brown has won his first three races in the Esso Mini-Stocks at Ohsweken May 15th, May 22nd and June 5th.

LPE welcomes the Robblee team who in their first feature in APC Late Model racing at Delaware placed 2nd on May 8th.

June 12th – Mitch Brown trying to start the season with four straight wins settled for a second this weekend at Ohsweken.

June 13th - Steve & Matt Robblee pulled off a nice father-son winning weekend as each had wins in Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series twin 50 lap features at Mosport. Leitch power took 1-2 finishes in each feature as Steve also placed second during Matt’s win and Cole Weber placed second behind Steve in the first feature. Young Mitch Brown showing he’s not only good in the dirt, but on the asphalt too in taking a fourth place finish in the second feature.

June 19th - Mitch Brown now has his fourth win in five starts at Ohsweken Speedway.  He has already matched last years total wins

June 26th - Mitch Brown now has 5 wins in 6 starts.

July 3rd - Mitch continues to pull in wins at Ohsweken - So far he’s up to 6 wins and a 2nd place finish in 7 races.

Jeff Stewart continues to work hard finding himself with a couple 2nd place finishes as well as a 3rd at Flamboro.

July 4th - Dan McIntyre in UMP Modifieds improves his standings every week going from a top 10 finisher to a Top 5 including his first heat race win.

July 4th – Fan favorite Rob Clarke placed third in the Don Biederman Memorial race at Sunset Speedway.

Brett Reaume continues to have success with top 5 finishes racing with a LPE engine that is now over three years old - which begs the question - Brett, are you ever bringing that thing in for a refresh?

July 10th - The Mid-Season Championship for Esso Mini-Stocks at Ohsweken goes to Mitch Brown as he wins his 7th race in 8 starts this season.  Mitch fought through some tough competition starting in 11th to get his latest win.

July 13th – Rob Clarke  took 4th in OSCAAR racing at Barrie.

July 18th - Steve Robblee had a win and a second place finish in Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series twin 50 lap features at Peterborough Speedway.  Steve also earned the hard charger award in both races by moving up 8 positions.  Cole Weber had a fourth place finish also.  Steve, Cole and Mitch Brown were in the top 4 for time trials.

July 31st - Win # 8 for Mitch Brown in Esso Mini-Stocks at Ohsweken.  Brett Reaume placed 3rd in the Summer Sizzler at Ohsweken - and is still racing with a 3 year old engine. Hey Brett, how about a refresh?

Aug 2nd – Rob Clarke finished with a win at Peterborough Speedway in Super Late Model action.

Aug 2nd – Steve Robblee earned yet another win in Lucas Oil Sportsman racing at Flamboro and had the most laps lead in the first 50 lap feature. Rookie Mitch Brown notched another 4th place finish.  Cole Weber earned the Hard Charger award in the second 50 lap feature while placing 4th. Steve settled for 7th in this one with Brown on his heels taking 8th.  Time trials saw Steve Robblee, Cole Weber & Kevin Trevellin going 1-3-5 with Mitch Brown and Matt Robblee rounding out top 10.

Aug 7th – Rob Clarke finished 3rd in the first 35 lap feature at Kawartha Speedway.  Mitch Brown earned his 9th win of the season by winning the Art Hill Memorial Race at Ohsweken. Mitch had also won this race the previous year.

Aug 8th - Steve Robblee was the Hard Charger winner pulling up 9 positions to take the win in the first 50 lapper at Capital City Speedway.  Matt Robblee’s pulled up 11 positions for the Hard Charger award and lead the most laps in winning the second 50 lapper with father Steve right behind him for 2nd.  Steve set a track record in the time trials with a 19.57s lap.  Cole Weber and Mitch Brown both had two top 10 finishes this weekend.

Aug 14th - Mitch Brown missed out on his 10th win of the season placing second to a hard charging and very eager Steve Hess.  Well if Mitch is going to get beat - at least it’s to another racer with LPE power!!

Aug 15th - In what has become a common occurrence in Lucas Oil Sportsman racing this season - Steve & Matt Robblee pulled in a father-son winning weekend again, this time at Sauble Beach Speedway.  In the first 50 lap race, LPE power finished 1-2-3 with Matt Robblee, Cole Weber and Steve Robblee all racing for the checkers.  Cole had the most laps lead during this race.   In the second race - it was Steve’s turn at taking a turn at winning with Cole Weber taking the Hard Charger Award in placing 4th.  Steve set another track record in the time trials with a 15.63s lap.

Aug 21st – Keith Dempster tested an LPE engine for the first time and snapped a two year winless streak in Corr/Pak Merchandising Sprint Car racing at Ohsweken Speedway. Keith placed first in both his heat and the feature – test passed!  

Steve & Chase Hess are liking their new LPE engines.  Both placed first in their respective heats and then finished 2nd and 3rd behind Mitch Brown who now has 10 wins this season.  LPE engines finish 1-2-3!

Aug 29th - Jeff Stewart won the 75 lap Grisdale Triple Crown race at Flamboro Speedway.  Jeff also won the lap leader contingency prizes for leading at laps 25 and 50.

Sept 4th - Chase Hess improved on his last performance taking his first feature win.  In the second feature Chase took 4th while Steve Hess took 5th.  While Mitch Brown had his first non-podium finishes this season, he still was able to lock up the season championship at Ohsweken.

Sept 5th - Jeff Daniels picked a good night for his first feature win of the season - the UMP Modified Championship race at South Buxton.  Jeff took the lead at lap 5 and lead the last 15 laps.  Nice way to finish his first season in this division.

Sept 5th - For the third event in a row and fourth time this season, the father and son race team of Steve & Matt Robblee have split victories in LOSC action.    Steve’s victory in the opener followed by a second place finish to Matt in the second 50-lap segment virtually wrapped up his second Series’ Championship in the three-year existence of the LOSC. He also won the title in 2007.

A video replay was necessary to confirm Steve’s victory in the opener that finished with an exciting last lap side by side duel between him and rookie Dan Prudhomme.  Matt followed to take third.

In the second feature, it was Matt’s turn to take the checker with Steve close behind for second.  Cole Weber was the fastest in the time trials and Mitch Brown continues earning some respect taking a fifth and sixth place.

Sept 11th - Mitch Brown’s big night!  Another win - his 11th of the season which also earned him the 2009 Esso Mini-Stock Championship at Ohsweken Speedway.

Sept 12th - Steve Robblee won the first 50 lapper at Flamboro in L.O.S.C Series and with the win also claimed the 2009 L.O.S.C. Championship.  Taking positions 4-6 were Matt Robblee, Cole Weber and Mitch Brown.  Cole Weber, a rookie in this series pulled off his first win in the last race of the year, giving him most points to take Rookie of the Year  and 5th place overall in standings.  Mitch Brown took 5th in this race placing in 8th in final standings.  Great work by these two rookies.  Matt Robblee finished 2nd in point standings for the year.

Sept 19th - Jeff Stewart finished first in a 30 lap Late Model race at Flamboro Speedway.