When you purchase or rebuild your engine at Leitch Performance and you put a Leitch logo clearly visible on the lower front of your race car's hood - LPE is continuing to pay out  $100 contingency fee when you win a feature race.  What started out around $2000/yr in contingencies paid out every year to racers winning with Leitch built engines is now upwards of $4000 or so every year.   Want to be part of the payoff?   Give Gary a call today.

For example - Scott McTeer alone made off with $600 in 2006, $800 in 2007 and $900 in 2008 for racing with LPE - 24 feature wins on one engine!   That’s one tough engine - isn’t about time you got one too!!

ASA approved 604’s raced at Delaware Speedway built by LPE now qualify for contingency program also.

CPT 018
logo on sprint02
CPT 013a02